Faux label wrap for sub-generic honeyThis is part of my series of canned art and a free download, too.  Read the earlier post about cheap coffee. This is for my cheap, sub-generic honey: Just Honey.

“Just” isn’t referring to honesty or justice. It means it is only honey. Not magical organic nectar that will make your kids smart or help improve your health and love life. It is just a label wrapped around a small coffee can. I did it to hide the ugly bottle of “Guaranteed Value Honey” in plain sight in the kitchen.

The clip art like the grade B bees and the graphic flourishes come from the Graphics Fairy, the blog I mentioned in the coffee can post. This design is printed out on one legal sized sheet of paper and trimmed to fit the size of your can. Naturally if your can is a little wider you can trim it differently. I’ve heard that even though honey is healthier for you than sugar, it is just as fattening. (There’s that word just, again.) So Too much honey will give you a larger can is what I’m hinting at.

So here is another download. Print it. Take it and stick it.

Here is a link to the  pdf. Print out  / Tape the crap out of it / Stick them on a regular size coffee can.

PDF: Just Honey faux label

1. Download 
2. Print one copy on legal paper 
3. Cover with strips of clear packaging tape. 
4. Trim it and attach to the coffee can.


People love certain products and brand loyalty is really important to some of us. I might love my old Toyota but someone else might not care what they drive. Someone might love Tropicana orange juice but I buy generic. Since I am on a strict budget I really can not afford Starbucks, as much as I love it. So I have been buying some really cheap coffee. How cheap is it, you ask? Well it is the grade below the store brand at our Stop & Shop: sub-generic if you will. Since I am drinking mediocre coffee I thought I would at least dress it up. I have designed faux labels for a few products I use. I started saying to myself “It’s just coffee.” I decided that was a good enough faux brand name. So introducing Just Products: Mediocre products that look ok. I end up with a lot of empty containers like coffee cans and I thought I’d reuse them and share the new labels with you. You can download them and print them out at home and wrap a coffee can with it. Let me know what you think.

This particular label uses two identical printouts on letter sized paper for both sides. I taped and laminated them together by putting strips of clear packing tape over them. I could do these professionally and have them output and laminated professionally. But that would violate my mission statement: It’s just a label. The clip art is from a blog site I really like called the Graphics Fairy. They have free vintage clip art every day. Most of it is geared toward home life and crafts and nature subjects. You won’t find stuff for your next power point presentation there.

I was hoping to make the label so that I could slide it off. Then slide it on to the next can when needed. But that required engineering and thought. And It’s just a label. If anyone tries it let me know.


Here is a link to the  pdf. Print out two copies / Tape the crap out of them / Stick them on a can. Or buy Starbucks.

PDF: Just Coffee: Label for large coffee cans

1. Download
2. Print two copies on letter size paper
3. Trim and tape together so that one will be the front and the other, the back.
4. Cover with strips of clear packaging tape. I covered the back as well but I don’t know if that was necessary.
5. Trim it and attach to the can.

I’ve found myself a little over-extended marketing wise lately. My web site at Lehndorff.com was in a parallel universe to this blog. I would put each new project on both sites with little difference between the two. That plus my music efforts and spending way to much time on Facebook left me without time to do anything well.

More importantly, since Kathy’s Huntington’s Disease seems to be progressing, after a long plateau, my  duties as a care giver have changed my priorities. At any rate this blog will have posts about my work when there is something interesting to say about a project. I take that back.  …When there is anything to say about something.



Flyer design to encourage Lacrosse and hockey teams to design their own stick wraps.
The flyer used a number of designs we helped develop.

Hampden MA

Rapstix lacrosse shaft displayWe have designed a several signs and banners for Rapstix. These were used for their display at a large lacrosse trade show.

Rapstix display and banner

Hampden MA


Part of our ongoing ad campaign for Holyoke Medical Center, These are ads to help publicize talks and programs at the hospital. The programs are educational but also help to bring new patients to the hospital and their affiliated practices. I thought about just using a large colon punctuation mark “:” for art on the colon ad. Kathy did the heart art several years ago. It was on the cover of Heart & Soul, a published calendar the hospital put out in the 90s.

Holyoke Medical Center
Holyoke MA

Holyoke Medical clendar format

Holyoke Medical Center publishes a quarterly calendar of programs, presentations and support groups. It has evolved from Heart & Soul – a poster-sized publication we developed in the late nineties – to calendars that could be printed by their in-house printing department. Starting next fall they will be handling the layout as well. So they needed a simpler alternative smaller size for the seasons when there wasn’t much going on. This folds from a legal sheet to a three panel mailer.

Holyoke Medical Center
Holyoke, MA